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“The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!” (Marvin Phillips)

As a provider of professional services, we make resource management our business. Our clients not only hire us to provide services and expertise but also to cope with any unforeseen circumstances, offer payroll services, as well as manage contracts and special projects. We look after all the time-consuming details that are involved with acquiring your perfect team member.

1) Managing Recruitment

There are many aspects to managing recruitment, some of which are:

  • Searching our internal database of our known and trusted network of professionals already engaged with The AIM Group
  • Advertise opportunities using various outlets, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and our recently updated website gives us an upper hand to source motivated, qualified and dedicated employees
  • Evaluate job descriptions, interview consultants, and conduct reference checks
  • Provide mandatory training to applicable employees
  • Administer security clearances, controlled goods, background checks, and Visitor Clearance Requests (VCR)

 2) Managing the Unforeseen

We manage situations that many employers may not anticipate. These can include employee medical/family leave, sudden resignations, or gaps left by terminations or promotions.

With 30 years of multi-industry expertise, our value is entrenched and built on a desire to ensure our clients’ overall success.

Our Talent Acquisition team is highly skilled and motivated to not only ask the right questions but to listen attentively, enabling us to decipher your needs and expectations so there are no ambiguities or misunderstandings.

We understand the sense of urgency and implications that arise from staff shortages so we are trained to react and respond quickly and efficiently. You can count on us to bridge the gap between your current needs and your business objectives.

Our proactive approach and readiness for the unforeseen have earned us trust, respect and confidence from our clients.

We are nobody without our network of professionals!  We make it a priority to forge and maintain strong relationships with the professionals in all disciplines. Building and replenishing our network is what we do best and enables us to provide trusted, qualified and competent candidates with a quick turnover time.

3) Engaging Employees

When we engage resources, who are looking for quality employment for various lengths of time we:

  • Represent them to the client (attend meetings)
  • Negotiate their per diems
  • Are open and transparent with charge rates and pay rates
  • Administer Health & Safety Training, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Training, and WHMIS certifications and any other training (as and when required)
  • All onboarding documentation and processes in accordance with legislation under the Ministry of Labour and the Employment Standards Act

We administer payroll and keep track of hours so you don’t have to. Individuals report hours worked on a timesheet, submit their timesheets to our finance team, and, once verified, we take care of the rest.

Our finance team can handle (as applicable):

  • Deductions (Taxes, EI, Canadian Pension Plan)
  • Statutory Pays
  • Records of Employment
  • Pay Stubs

4) Engaging Independent Resources

When we engage Independent Resources, who are looking for quality projects, we:

  • Represent them to the client (attend meetings)
  • Negotiate their per diems
  • Pay invoices in a timely manner
  • Are open and transparent with charge rates and pay rates
  • Monitor and ensure contract terms are enforced
  • Confirm appropriate classification as independent contractors

5) Project / Resource / Contract Management

Let us help you maintain your project budget and schedule. We monitor contract terms like the level and duration of effort, rates, capacity, and location (on or off site). We track timelines and budget for each contract to ensure that services/deliverables will be completed by your expected deadline with all requirements met. We provide necessary reporting throughout the contract and follow up every step of the way with all parties involved.

We AIM to please!


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