About us

The AIM Group is a Canadian-owned company with 30 years of proven experience.

The AIM Group Inc. is a 100% Canadian-owned corporation that was established in Ottawa in 1988 to provide skilled professionals to public- and private-sector clients. Our original focus was on the temporary and permanent staffing needs of the engineering and technical sector. Over the years, we have grown into a national supplier with three areas of specialization: IM/IT, Technical & Engineering, and Business/Professional Services.


The AIM Group is a national supplier of qualified professionals to both the public and private sectors within three areas of specialization.


To be recognized as the premier provider of highly qualified professionals to our public- and private-sector clients.


AIM operates with the following values: ensuring fairness, diversity, and respect in all dealings with consultants and clients; striving for quality in our services, in the candidates we provide, and in our professional partnerships; and maintaining a fair, friendly, diverse, and supportive internal culture.

Serious expertise

Expert service

Unique needs require unique talents. Our expertise is in the area of sourcing and recruiting skilled individuals, and our networking and partnering abilities have allowed us to successfully and efficiently deliver on small and large requirements.

Ability to deliver

With 30 years of thoughtful growth under our belt, The AIM Group has successfully delivered on major projects, from multi-million-dollar contracts and key initiatives to a global service provider agreement and more. This ability stems from the fact that corporate decisions are made in Canada, with our staff in Ottawa retaining the flexibility and freedom to make decisions on key projects.


Value added

Our philosophy is that we must add value to every relationship we enter into. By following this principle, we improve results and elevate our relationships with our clients and with the skilled professionals we represent. This improves our ability to connect people, which is the foundation of what we do.


Quality & professionalism

"Quality" relates to both the level of competency and suitability of our candidates and to the level of service we provide. Our ongoing commitment to quality applies to all aspects of our work, from taking the time to truly understand clients' needs, to the initial recruitment effort, through to contract or project completion. Our staff take pride in this commitment and deliver on it in a truly professional manner. And The AIM Group takes pride in the reputation our team has built and the success rate that our team has achieved.

Community involvement

The AIM Group Inc. takes pride in our many community activities, including our support of:

We are also an avid supporter of Minor Hockey and Little League Baseball.