Senior Project Manager – Real Property

Senior Project Manager - Real Property




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Senior Project Manager for Real Property (Engineer) - Bilingual - Secret


Scope - Ensuring that the information provided by the Real Property client such as the scope of work, the required deliverables, deadlines, communication and access protocols are clearly understood and respected by the PMSS team. Developing, verifying, and accepting the project scope, and scope change control.
Integration - Ensuring that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated and balanced with respect to competing objectives.
Time – Identifying project activities and creating the project schedule, or respecting existing schedules, establishing a time control system, monitoring progress, adjusting the workplan to suit, report variances, and ensuring that all milestones are met.
Cost – Identifying the resources, levels of effort, and related costs required for the project, developing a cost baseline, preparing or reviewing cost plans, cost analysis, and cashflows, and cost estimates at various stages of the project. Ensuring sound stewardship of agency funds.
Quality - Identifying quality standards and approaches to meet the scope of work, evaluating project performance during the design, construction and commissioning phases, and monitoring project results. Human Resources – Working with the PCA Project Manager on a regular basis to identify resource requirements, confirm project roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships, ensure adequate human resources, and develop a productive team environment.
Communication – Ensuring open communication between all project stakeholders, by identifying communication needs, creating and managing communication plans, and providing information in a timely manner while respecting the established correspondence protocol. Ensuring all communication carry the necessary PSPC metadata in compliance with the Document Management Control System;
Risk - Integrating risk management and assessment into all phases of the project.
Procurement - Identifying procurement requirements and sources, preparing solicitation documentation, overseeing contract administration.
Safety - Managing safety as an integrated part of the construction project;
Environmental - Identifying, obtaining, and managing environmental approvals, permits and/or licenses for the project.
Financial- Managing day-to-day budgeting, payment processing, cashflow forecasting and financial reporting of the project.
Claim - Establishing and managing project claims in consultation with the Real Property client, investigating claims, assessing funding implications, and preparing claim findings and recommendations.
Changes – At any stage of the project, identify and advise the client Project Manager of any changes regarding the scope of work or any other matters that may affect schedule or budget or that may be inconsistent with instructions or written approvals previously given. Detailing the extent and reasons for the changes and obtain a signed contract amendment form before proceeding.