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The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following experience and aptitudes:


Motivation and drive:  This is a highly competitive industry, and our team is driven to be the best at what we do. We chase our candidates and do not sit back and wait for them to apply.


Strategic thinking:  We count on our team to think outside the box.   We fill many challenging roles that require solutions outside of simply searching an online database.


Networking: A large reason for our continued success is our focus on building networks of top talent candidates for existing and anticipated needs.   We encourage our recruiters to get out from behind the desk and meet with candidates.


Marketing: Our brand is based on integrity and fairness.   The successful candidate will be able to leverage our brand to attract and engage top talent for open and future roles and keep them engaged with our on-going efforts.


An Interest in Technology: We expect that the successful candidate will have a genuine interest in learning about new technologies to remain abreast of industry trends.   Our recruitment process relies heavily on Subject-Matter experts to support our industry-specific verticals.