Infrastructure And Data Centre Specialist

Infrastructure And Data Centre Specialist


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Job Description:

The candidate will participate as a Data Center and Network Specialist member of the Naval Development team in a multi-disciplined team environment to perform tasks related to data center technologies in application to next generation mission critical systems (i.e. High Availability System, Automated Recovery).   The data center technologies comprise networking (i.e. switches, router, WAN optimization, SDN), data storage (SAN, backup), virtualization, containers private cloud (OpenStack), Linux and Virtual Display Infrastructure (VDI).


Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Perform requirement Analysis, Design and Implementation of the Operating Environment for High Availability Systems (Operating Environment includes: routing, data and network security, operating systems, firewalls, storage architecture, middleware, processing usage, system configuration and management, technical performance measurements and optimization, etc.)
  • Survey of the technologies in the marketplace, the trends in the industry and technology selection, including trade-off studies and prototype demonstrations. Define technology criteria selection based on required performance and conduct trade-off analysis
  • Documentation, including system grooming procedures and lessons learned
  • Produce a system technology demonstrator including full architecture, HW and Operating Environment (full functional system as a proof of concept)


Required Skills and Experience

  • Possesses a bachelor degree in information technology, computer science or related area of study
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in system architecture (Virtualization, network topology, cyber settings, automated health monitoring, Operating Environment, etc.)
  • Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical members of the engineering/management staff and personnel assigned to related work (French and English)
  • Aptitude for solving challenging problems in a team environment
  • Have a high degree of initiative and autonomy
  • Have a high learning ability
  • Ability to adapt and perform in a dynamic environment.