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How to Relaunch

Many organizations will go through a point where they need to relaunch, whether it’s to refocus, rebuild, or regroup. Corporate rebranding is a chance to rethink your process and to change things up a little.  Rebranding can be scary, but if it’s done right, it can inject new life into an established organization competing in an ever-changing market. These are some of the strategies we used when relaunching our company:

1) Redefine your niche

At The AIM Group, we focus on three specializations:

  • IM/IT
  • Professional Services
  • Engineering & Technical

2) Reinforce your goals                                                                                      

At The AIM Group, our mission is to be a national supplier of qualified professionals to both the public and private sectors within our three areas of specialization.

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier provider of highly qualified professionals to our public and private sector clients.

We operate with the following values:

  • ensuring fairness, diversity, and respect in all dealings with our employees, consultants and clients
  • striving for quality in our services in resources we provide, and in our professional partnerships
  • maintaining a fair, friendly, diverse and supportive internal culture

3) Getting employees on board

Organizations take many different approaches to engage their employees. Here at The AIM Group, we modernized our website, increased opportunities for training and professional development for internal employees, and expanded our community involvement and social responsibility, all with the goal of improving our presence.

The result: our employees got excited when they learned that the organization felt they were important enough to invest in them. By increasing our community involvement, our team was excited to contribute to the greater good and was inspired to collectively put the effort into making a difference in our community.

Once we recognized that our website was the link between us and the community, we knew revitalizing would be worth the effort. We want to reconnect with our employees, consultants, and clients in a new user-friendly platform. Our new website provides easier access to job opportunities, and a cleaner, more simplified layout.

4) Changing how you advertise

Relaunching means rethinking how you advertise. For instance, The AIM Group created a blog as part of our relaunch campaign, to educate, inform, and engage with the workforce about relevant topics. In addition, we hired a dedicated team to manage our social media sites. Having a team focused on maintaining social media sites is critical to gaining traffic and visibility. It is not necessary to use all platforms available when relaunching; as an organization, you must determine which platforms work best for you. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for a better understanding of how you can optimize your social media.

We appreciate feedback, so feel free to leave your comments below.

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