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Senior Real Property Project Lead

in Engineering and Technical


Ottawa, Ontario

Job Description


COMPENSATION: To Be Negotiated                                            

EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Long Term Contract 

  • Assessing the organization's capability to undertake and successfully deliver a project in the context of the overall program or portfolio priorities through strategic planning;
  • Specifying the general requirements of the project: developing, verifying and gaining acceptance of the project scope, budget, schedule and scope change control;
  • Assisting in the prioritization and assignment of projects within a larger program or portfolio of projects;
  • Managing several Senior Project Managers, each responsible for an element of the project or program or portfolio and its associated team (e.g. project and financial management);
  • Identifying and assigning project roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships, developing work plans, ensuring adequate human resources, and developing a productive team environment;
  • Providing advice and leadership in the development and assessment of potential options on project development, recommending a preferred option and developing an implementation strategy through the preparation of a business case or feasibility study;
  • Meeting, negotiating and gaining support from internal and external organizational stakeholders (e.g. senior government executives, private-sector interests, municipal interests, community groups, etc.);
  • Developing project alternatives and identifying their administrative, organizational, economic, or technical feasibility;
  • Assisting in obtaining required project approvals from relevant stakeholders (internal approval, zoning, heritage, etc.) including the review and interpretation of municipal by-laws;
  • Undertaking due diligence activities for the acquisition or disposal of property (e.g. highest & best use studies, site selection studies);


Required Skills

  • Bachelor or college diploma in relevant filed
  • A minimum of 10 years in a leadership or management role
  • Significant experience in developing, leading or implementing large Real Property projects.
  • Experience in preparing and delivering briefings and making recommendations to senior management clients or stakeholders.
  • Experience in leading multidisciplinary teams of specialists such as, but not limited to: real estate agents, economists, architects, engineers, planners, designers, project managers or specialists.
  • Experience in leading the development and approval process of complex business cases or investment analyses.
  • Knowledge of trends and developments in the real property industry, construction and accommodation/portfolio management.


Expiry Date

Friday, October 27, 2017

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