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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some questions that new consultants often ask us. If you don’t find your question below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I register with AIM?

You can register with AIM by either clicking the Submit Résumé button to submit a general application, or by applying in response to a specific job posting by AIM.

Do I need to pay any fees?

No. The AIM Group does not charge fees to our consultants, a practice that is illegal in Ontario.

What is a Security Clearance?

A Security Clearance is a government issued personnel screening that is required for access to classified information, assets, or secured sites.

What are the clearance levels?

The three levels of security clearance are Reliability, Secret, and Top Secret.

How long does it take to obtain an Enhanced Clearance?

Usually, Enhanced security clearances take about 2 weeks to process and be approved, but this time can vary.

If I’m not a Canadian Citizen, can I still obtain a security clearance?

Yes, you can still obtain a security clearance; however, it can take several weeks longer to process. Being in Canada for at least five years is a significant advantage to processing the clearance more quickly, and you will need to provide your proof of citizenship from your country of origin.

How do I find out if I have a clearance?

We can check with Public Works and Government Services Canada. You will need to provide your full name and date of birth, and sign a Consent to Release Reliability Screening and/or Security Clearance Information form in order for us to verify whether you have a security clearance and/or gain access to the information.

Can I still apply for a security clearance if I have a criminal record?

Yes, you can still apply for a security clearance if you have a criminal record. If a pardon has not been granted, you will need to disclose all the details of your convictions in your application, and you will need to be fingerprinted. You can contact us or refer to the Public Works and Government Services Canada web page on Security Clearances for more information.

Will I still be able to work for the Federal Government if I don’t have a security clearance?

A security clearance is required if there is a need for you to access protected or classified information, assets, or secured sites. Some Federal Government contract opportunities have no security requirement, and we do staff in the private sector where a security clearance is rarely requested. However, the vast majority of the contract opportunities we receive from the Federal Government do require at least a Reliability status clearance, so we strongly advise that you obtain a clearance if possible.

How do I complete my timesheet?

You complete your timesheet by filling in all required information and then writing down the number of hours you worked each day of that week (Monday to Sunday). If you worked overtime, mark you overtime hours in the column “O/T” under the applicable day (details about overtime hours can be found below). Add up your hours for the week, keeping the totals for regular and overtime hours separate. Sign in the indicated space at the bottom, and have your supervisor sign the timesheet as well. Then fax, email, or drop off the timesheet at AIM by Friday afternoon of that week in order to get paid the following Thursday.

Reporting Hours

Fax: 613-230-7183

Who can sign my timesheet?

You should have your supervisor sign your timesheet each week. We unfortunately cannot process your payment without a signed timesheet. This must be received by our office by Monday morning of each week.

How will I be paid for overtime work?

In Ontario, overtime is paid if you work 44 hours or more in a one-week pay period (Monday to Sunday); in Quebec, overtime is paid if you work more than 40 hours. You should speak with your AIM recruiter if you have questions or concerns about overtime pay.

I believe there was an error in my pay, what should I do?

Paying you correctly and on time is very important to us. If you believe an error was made, please contact us immediately: You of course can always contact the recruiter who assisted you regarding your placement.

When will I be paid?

If you choose direct deposit, these deposits are made Thursdays provided your signed timesheet was received no later than Monday at noon. Notices will be provided when the normal pay scheduled is disrupted.

Will I receive vacation pay?

4% vacation pay is included on each paycheque. It should accrue on a weekly basis or be paid out weekly as a separate line item on your paycheque. If you have any questions or concerns about vacation pay, you should speak with your AIM recruiter.

What about T-4s?

We send out T-4s at the end of February each year. If you have a change of address, please notify us no later than February 1st so that we can update your information and make sure you receive your T-4.

What are the Statutory Holidays?

Statutory Holidays vary provincially, so you should check which ones apply in your province. Statutory Holiday information for Ontario and Quebec can be found at:


Who should I contact regarding financial / invoicing questions?

Our accounting department can be reached at You of course can always contact the account representative who assisted you with the placement.

What is The AIM Group’s Privacy Policy?

You can find The AIM Group’s Privacy Policy here.